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My view on the ongoing glyphosate / Round-up debate and residue ending up in cereals and foods: If you want grains for breakfast, buy certified organic bulk and buy basic grains (non-processed). Mix and match - buckwheat, oats, millet, corn grits etc. make great flour as well as meals when cooked. Then you can add your own flavors/sweeteners like local honey or maple syrup, cinnamon, hemp hearts, almonds, walnuts etc.

Anyone buying things in a box off a grocery store shelf is relying on the corporate machine in bed with lobbyist funded lawmakers (and enforcement of said laws by agencies that have questionable associations with industry and whose primary motivations may not be to protect the consumer) to protect their health. Case after case shows that they are not to be trusted - for decades they are claiming round-up is OK for health but what if ten years down the road they change the tune (science does change)? You would have just spent 3 decades eating the residue for breakfast every day. Remember in the 1950s doctors were on the TV advertising tobacco and how good it is for you!

So, better eat stuff that has nothing added to it. You can always branch out and find a local farmer who may be able to sell you corn grits or buckwheat, for example. Even better, you can grow your own if you have a yard.